My Bucket List

This is my bucket list of things I wish to accomplish, experience, see and / or do before I die.

I suspect that my bucket list will grow as time passes so what is listed here will likely change in some way.


  • Move from Southern California – I am not sure that Southern California is where I would like to spend the balance of my life. Put simply, it no longer feels like a place to call home. I think it is time for new scenery. It could be that Los Angeles has lost its appeal for me, but whatever it is, a change of scenery is almost always a refreshing experience indeed.
  • Travel to Europe – I would love to see as much of Europe as possible. I am most interested in visiting the great castles and cathedrals with all their beauty.
  • Enter a competitive cycling race – I haven’t given this much thought until recently when it was mentioned to me from my Son. He seems to think that I have what it takes to give it a serious go and I must admit, it has me intrigued. Of course it will be in class of riders my age but it will be no walk in the park to be certain!
  • Study Martial Arts – Specifically I am interested in studying Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do method. The mental and physical benefits are Zin like with the advantage of have a greater command over the body to defend yourself.
  • Write a book of memoirs – My life has been very interesting, at least to me. In hindsight, I see many things that I have experienced that could help those who could relate. But at the very least, it would give me a chance to say that I existed to those who chose to read it.
  • Photography – I have always desired to be a proficient novice photographer. I never really pursued it beyond a passing interest but I know recognize the artful side of this fantastic activity.
  • Videography – This is a skill that I am currently learning as it will come in handy while I document my travels with video. I have discovered a love never known before as it is an art.
  • Athlete – Continue my efforts as a body builder and cyclist to help ensure good physical fitness as I age.
  • Travel the United States – I would love to see all the the famous historical places in US History as possible. Along with this, see as much of America as possible.
  • White Water River RaftingWhite Water River Rafting has been on my to do list ever since I was a child. I would love to do this with a GoPro Cam strapped on my person and on my family members so I can document this awesome event.
  • Go on a Cruise – I have had a strong interest since childhood to take a cruise up to Alaska, and just maybe this could coincide with a stop in Canada as well!
  • Skiing – This always seemed like fun but I never had a strong drive to go for it. But as I am getting older, I would like to say that I have done it at least once.
  • Sky Diving – This is a must do indeed!
  • Camping – Though I have done this once as a child with a church group, so many years have passed since then that it requires an encore.
  • Horseback Riding - I was a child the last time I rode a horse and if my memory serves me correctly, it was a pony.
  • Monarch Butterfly Migration - The migration of the Monarch Butterfly practically happens in my own backyard in as much as I live only about 3-8 hours (depending on which location I wish to visit) drive away from one life’s greatest events to witness…the migration of these beautiful creatures!.