Book Review: The Mis-education of the Negro

Mis-Education of the Negro By Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson There were many key points that provoked deep thought. I have compiled six quotes from this book (though admittedly there could be many more) that particularly struck me the most: First – “They must be taught to think and develop something for themselves. It is most pathetic […]

Book Review: A Critical Look At Racial Stereotypes

The Origin of Black Culture: Rooted in White Southern Culture? Black Rednecks and White Liberals Black Rednecks and White Liberals was a very compelling book indeed.  Dr. Thomas Sowell, who is an economist and sociologist (among several other achievements), critiques common misconceptions about black America and the causes thereof. What I liked the most about Black Rednecks and […]

My Bucket List

This is my bucket list of things I wish to accomplish, experience, see and / or do before I die. I suspect that my bucket list will grow as time passes so what is listed here will likely change in some way. Move from Southern California – I am not sure that Southern California is where […]

My Legacy

My Legacy | Fathers Day

For most of my life I have always held a very specific view about a part of life. This view was not of my own conviction but that of the world around me. It is most often a subliminal message taught consciously or not in society as a whole. But, it is also spewed from the […]

The Modern Day Gentleman

Florsheim Wingtips (3 of 5)

  What is a gentleman, and what does it mean to be one? Does it carry the original connotation of nobility in English society, or has evolved into a more inclusive classification? Is there still a gentleman hidden in the modern world of the 21st-century, and if so, is he still relevant?   To my dismay I learnt […]

Facebook Narcissism

Facebook Narcissism

I have never been big on social media since its inception. My first exposure to the social media craze was with MySpace. I suspect that this is true for many others too. For me the challenge had and has always been that I didn’t have any exciting life filled with explorations, travels, and activities all […]